Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Devil Times Five (1974)

Probably a Leif Garret horror movie is weird enough in itself, but Devil Times Five really goes the distance for weird shit. The film starts with a van transporting mental patients going off the road and a group of kid psychopaths going on the lam. One thinks she's a nun, a black kid thinks he's a soldier, Leif Garret thinks he's an actor, and so forth. Anyway, they run smack dab into the A storyline, in which some people who are related but don't much like each other are meeting at a Lake Arrowhead family home to finalize plans for a mental institution.

The A storyline is more like a soap opera and weirder/sleazier than the psycho kids story. You have Papa Doc, the rich family patriarch who's basically a dick, his hot young slut wife Lovely who tries to seduce the mentally retarded servant Ralph right before getting into a great roll-on-the-carpet cat fight with Papa Doc's daughter Julie, whose husband Rick she's previously fucked. Then there's Ruth, a drunk, and her husband Harvey, who's played by the fellow who was Boss Hogg.

Soon the kids show up and beat a guy to death with hammers in a demented slow-motion sepia toned scene for about five minutes. Apparently, Leif Garret was made for more than dancing! Then they head to the family home and ingratiate themselves with all the screwed-up characters we've already met. It's sort of like Cat on a Hot Tin Roof-meets- The Little Rascals- meets escaped mental patients. Mayhem ensues.

Mayhem extends to the plot, which unravels into a number of unfulfilled storylines. The bickering adults are less fun to watch than the crazy kids. The movie's a bit of a mess and apparently so was the production. But the acting's decent, and there's plenty of 70s funk music and a bit of bloodshed and nudity. So it's worth the weirdness.

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